Office of the Tax Collector: Applications for Elderly Tax Relief

The Tax Collector is currently accepting applications for the Abatement, Deferment and Freeze programs through May 15, 2019 for the upcoming Grand List year. You must apply every year for all programs. You can request an application from the Tax Collector’s office. They can be reached at 203-222-2696 or by email at or

You will be required to attach a copy of your completed 1040 and all back up material showing all income sources including your 1099 with your application.

To qualify, you must be age 65 by the end of December 2018. You must not be delinquent on your taxes by the closing date of May 15, 2019. Income cannot exceed $49,000 for Abatement; $125,000 for Deferment and $100,000 for Freeze. Net worth cannot exceed $1,000,000 for Abatement. There is no net worth ceiling for Deferment or Freeze programs. Benefit will apply to only the first $400,000 of assessment for Abatement and Deferment and for the first $800,000 of assessment for the Freeze.

The Homeowners Benefit is another program that is offered through the Tax Assessors office. You must be 65 by the end of December 2018 or Totally Disabled to apply for tax relief. Please contact the Tax Assessor at 203-222-2606 or by email at

Click here for a downloadable PDF of this notice.

Click here to download the application for tax assistance.

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