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Recent Letters

Field Club Purchase a Head Scratcher

To the Editor:  Kudos to Weston Today for digging into a story (“Weston Field Club: Latest Developments”) that we apparently should have been told about long ago. Let’s hope you get to the bottom of this... [continues, Robert Machson]

What Prevents Future Capital Problems?

To the Editor:  OK $475K to repair the septic system at the schools because they were never done right the first time. And they (the school board, board of finance, building committee, selectmen, etc.?)... [continues, Carl Urbania]

Cannondale a Mess

To the Editor:  Christine Lomuscio is right: Cannondale Road is a mess! It is in desperate need of re-paving. Right now it’s a hazard for drivers, bikers and walkers (and I walk it every day, so I know). And I agree... [continues, Marcia Segelstein]

Support for Plastic Bag Ban

To the Editor:  Thank you so much to the Weston Board of Selectmen for passing the plastic bag ban. I support this ban because as most people know, plastic is horrible to the environment. Those people who are arguing... [continues, Josh Schlechter]

Thanks Peter's Market

To the Editor:  A great big shoutout to Peter’s Market for their part in reducing plastic waste in Weston. I’m hearing that the store in general, and some of their employees individually, have been receiving negative commentary... [continues, Edina Field]

Urges No Vote on Schools Budget

To the Editor:  I urge my fellow voters to reject the school budget when it's up for a vote later this month. The school administration,the Board of Education and the Board of Finance have got to... [continues, Carl Urbania]

What Infrastructure Improvements?

To the Editor:  Why doesn't Will Haskell tell us what "needed infrastructure improvements" will be made with the tolling revenues? Does this mean more of the same, where the Merritt Parkway is perpetually... [continues, Peter Blau]

Roads a Horror

To the Editor:  How did we get $147K SHORT in our road pavement budget? Where did it go? Why is it always a transportation issue in CT? Put Cannondale Road as THE WORST! It's been a horror for a good number of years... [continues, Christine Lomuscio]

The Transfer Station

To the Editor:  Hi, my name is Bob Nilsen and I am the person in charge of the day to day operation of the Weston Transfer Station. In your article today concerning the transfer station... [continues, Bob Nilsen]

Contact Representatives About Early Voting

To the Editor:  CT is one of only 11 states that does not allow early voting. I urge people to contact representatives and encourage them to support this measure which requires a constitutional amendment... [continues, Anne Hunt]

Bond for Road Improvements

To the Editor:  There are 34 roads/streets in town that haven't been paved in 20+ years; some of the roads haven't been serviced for up to 26 years. This works out to about 13.2 miles of paving and... [continues, Carl Urbania]

School Board Should Reduce Spending

To the Editor:  Given the financial pressures the town is facing it is hard for me to believe that the Board of Education can only find about $200K in budget reductions against a $55 million +/- operating budget... [continues, Carl Urbania]

Our Schools, Our Choice

To the Editor:  My wife and I moved to Weston because we wanted to live in a small town. We like that we can be heard in local issues. We like that our town has a strong sense of itself. It is our right to manage our town schools at our town meetings... [continues, Ben Plunkett]

The Real National Emergency

To the Editor:  We are the United States of America. A country that has proudly stuck its chest out since the end of WWII in our role as international beacon for Democracy, Freedom, and all issues of justice... [continues, Chris Friden]

Speak Up for Seniors and Empty Nesters

To the Editor:  Dear friends, please “Speak Up” - literally - this Saturday at the Library at 10:30 am. Make a difference! Stand on line, say a few words on behalf of an under represented population... [continues, Nina Daniel]

Statement from the Weston DTC on Legislation

To the Editor:  The Weston Democratic Town Committee has reviewed the two Connecticut State Senate Bills, SB 738 and SB 431, and believes that both bills, as written, would have a severely negative impact... [continues, Amy Shapiro, DTC Chair]

Thanks for Bonfire Support

To the Editor:  On behalf of the Emmanuel Church Outreach Committee, the Weston Warm-up Fund, and the Weston Volunteer Fire Department, I would like to thank Weston Today for all the positive coverage... [continues, Betsy Ready]

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