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In the News

The Selectmen will hear, consider, and vote on a ban of fracking and drilling waste.

Next year's school budget proposal is out, and it's big.

The State is dropping hints about shared services.

2018: The Year in Review.

The Town is considering selling Fromson-Strassler to Aspetuck Land Trust.

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Full Speed Ahead on Fromson-Strassler

Town Hall is in high gear to help Aspetuck Land Trust meet a deadline to obtain State funds to enable the purchase of the Fromson-Strassler property and conserve it as open space.

The Board of Finance has weighed in and so has P&Z.

We have a full update and photos from our super-dangerous hike of the property.

It's all here.

Dog Park Clears Another Hurdle

The folks who want to bring a dog park to Weston are on a roll.

The group has reached its fundraising goal and is keeping it going to defray Town costs.

And a state commission has dismissed a complaint against the group.

All the latest.

Calendar Highlights

On Thursday, a Selectmen hearing for a proposed fracking and oil waste ordinance.

Also on Thursday, a budget presentation at WMS by the school district.

See details in The Calendar about these and other Weston events.

Stuff You Want to Know

December property transfers.

A public hearing is scheduled for January 17 on a proposed fracking waste ordinance.

The annual Speak Up event will be on February 9th.

In Memoriam.

Board Hearing for Fracking and Oil Waste Ordinance

On Thursday evening the Board of Selectmen will hold a public hearing before voting on a proposed ordinance to ban wastes from fracking and gas or oil extraction.

In previous discussions, there has been no dispute that this waste material is undesirable. There has been disagreement as to whether an ordinance is needed, and whether it might inadvertently limit the Town’s public works projects.

Continue reading.

Our Back Pages

Recently, we told you about a great gift to EMS, a big grant application and another for Biceglie trails. We also updated the public safety project with a visit to the dilapidated dispatch center.

Before that, we reported on a large dog park gift in honor of Brian Gordon and shared tributes to him.

And so much more. You can always find links to previous articles in Our Back Pages.

Thanks for reading Weston Today.

Large Budget Increase Proposed for Schools

Next week, the Weston School District will present its proposed budget for the coming fiscal year. It calls for a significant increase in school spending.

In the proposal, the school operating budget rises by $2.2 million, a 4.32 percent increase. In addition, the District will request $1.2 million for capital improvements next year, and expects to make similar requests for just under $1 million in each of the two following budget cycles.

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Speak Up, February 9th

The 28th annual “Speak Up” event by the League of Women Voters happens on Saturday morning, February 9th at the Weston Public Library Community Room. It runs from 10:30 to noon.

The popular community discussion is done in a Q&A format. You ask the Q’s, officials from Town Hall, School Road, and our state representatives give the A’s.

Keep going.

Maria Dempsey Named NEST CEO

Weston’s Maria Dempsey has been named Chief Executive Officer of NEST Fragrances, a leading luxury lifestyle fragrance brand.

Ms. Dempsey is also part of Weston’s all-volunteer EMS service and a member of the Aspetuck Land Trust Board of Directors.

NEST Fragrance’s founder praised Ms. Dempsey as “an innovative business strategist and dynamic leader…"

More of the story.

"Voyage of the Damned" Survivors Discuss "Complicit"

On January 24, three survivors of what would later be called “the voyage of the damned” will participate in a discussion after a screening of the documentary “Complicit,” along with the film’s producer, Robert M. Krakow.

In 1939, over 900 Jewish refugees on the S.S. St. Louis sought save haven in America. They were turned away. Many later died in concentration camps.

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2018: The Year in Review

We join Hans Wilhelm's beautiful Jolantha (above) in wishing you a happy new year.

It's amazing how much goes on in our lovely town. Should auld acquaintance be forgot et cetera, we take a look back at the year already being called "2018."


The Devil in the Details

Shared services. On the surface, a harmless and well-meaning concept. The devil is in the details, however.

Some years ago I was a member of the Connecticut Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (“ACIR”). The mission of this State entity is basically to foster synergistic relations between local and State governments...

Continue reading About Town.

Town to Consider Sale of Fromson-Strassler

Aspetuck Land Trust is actively pursuing a grant opportunity in hopes of purchasing 86 acres of town-owned land in the northern part of Weston.

Many assume the land is conserved open space. It isn't. If the sale proceeds, it will be.

Continue reading.

Selectmen Appoint Students to Commission

In a series of year-end appointments and re-appointments to Town committees and commissions on December 20, the Board of Selectmen also welcomed three Weston High School students into the ranks of those who step up to serve the town.

Knox Watson and Bridget Angus were appointed to the Commission for Children and Youth as student voting members. Emma Spaulding was appointed as a 9th grade advisor to the commission.

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State Grants Children's Library Funds

Weston’s Public Library has been awarded a State Library Construction grant to pay for half of $165,000 needed to renovate the library’s Children’s Room.

This is a matching grant, which means the Town must provide the other half before State funds are released.

Some of the $82,500 needed to match will come from the Town. Some will come from the Library's endowment. How much comes from each became a thorny topic at the Board of Finance.

Updated December 23, 2018. Continue reading.