Weston, Connecticut    |    June 22, 2018

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In the News

They're all ears at Town Hall. Take the survey.

Weston's Girls Swim team won their sixth straight state championship.

Girls Volleyball on the way to State finals.

Bears in town, poachers too.

Oh, you want property transfers?

Main Street Weston is on its way.

Weston Weather

Thursday: 4 to 7 inches of snow between 2 pm and 9 pm. Then rain and winds.
High: 32° (2 pm)
8 am: 27°
8 pm: 33°

Friday: Rain continues until about 10 am. Gradual clearing after that.
High: 44° (2 pm)
8 am: 40°
8 pm: 39°

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All Ears at Town Hall: Take the Survey

The Town is conducting an online survey to find out what you want Weston to look like now and in the future.

Your responses will help planners understand what you value and how much you would use a variety of services and amenities.

You can take the survey starting today at this link. It will be open until December 15.

Continue reading about why this matters.

The Nutcracker: Two Versions

Nothing announces the holiday season quite like The Nutcracker. Two versions will be staged in the coming days.

The first is a brand-new take on the story by Weston’s Michelle Sperry of the Connecticut Theater Dance Company. “Drosselmeyer, the Toymaker’s Story” debuts on Saturday, November 17.

The traditional Nutcracker ballet will be performed by talented Weston dancers in a Ballet Etudes Company production on December 1st and 2nd. Continue reading.

Calendar Highlights

SATURDAY: Drosselmeyer, the Toymaker’s Story.

See details in The Calendar about upcoming Weston events.

Stuff You Want to Know

A public hearing is scheduled about the Eversource project.

We have the latest property transfers.

The Nature Conservancy wants you to know about closing Devil's Den for a deer hunt.

It's property reval time.

In Memoriam.

Main Street Weston Returns November 15

Weston is one of the only towns in the world that has no Main Street. Except once a year, when the Weston Women's League puts on Weston Main Street.

This year, it happens on November 15 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at St. Francis of Assisi Church.

This is the eighth annual event, and it's always popular. You can read a little more about it right here.

Lachat Farm Holiday Market, December 1

Lachat Town Farm will be hosting its first Holiday Market on December 1 from noon to 4:00. You will be able to shop for all kinds of unique holiday gifts.

And, why buy a Christmas tree or wreath from some stranger? The Boy Scouts will be selling great ones at the market. Even better, they will deliver and set up anything over 8 feet tall.

Don't miss it. More about the Market here.

Don't Feed the Bears, Keep an Eye out for Poachers

If you don't want to find bears on your front porch, Weston Animal Control Officer Mark Harper has some suggestions.

Earlier this week, a Singing Oaks Drive resident put out bird feeders in the morning. That evening, three bears were found munching away on the porch. Mr. Harper said this happens a lot.

And, we have deer poachers in town. They ride around in pickup trucks with crossbows. Officer Harper often has to dispatch the wounded. Continue reading for Mr. Harper's recommendations about bears, and how you can help take poachers out of Weston.

Free Concert for Purple Heart Homes, December 5

A special concert for veterans, originally scheduled for November 15, has been postponed due to weather.

It will be at Weston High School on December 5 at 7:30 pm. The school’s amazing ensemble, symphonic, and concert bands will perform with the equally amazing Westport Community Band.

The concert is free, but everyone hopes you will make a donation. It’s all about supporting Purple Heart Homes, which in turn supports disabled veterans by providing safe, accessible housing. You don’t even have to attend to pitch in. Donations can be made with a visit to Purple Heart Homes online.

We have a flyer you can download and pass around. Enjoy the music.

Major Public Safety Improvements Proposed

First Selectman Chris Spaulding presented a preliminary plan to make long-needed improvements in Weston's public safety capabilities, with a possible Town spend of up to $4 million.

Part 1 of our report provides an overview and plans for Firehouse No. 1 and EMS quarters.

Part 2 reports on improvements for the dispatch center, communication systems, and Police Department.

Part 3 is about where the money would come from, and what happens next.

Our Back Pages

Recently, we reported on the plastic checkout bag ordinance, the deer hunt underway, and a big gift to the Library.

Also, a promotion for Weston PD's Joe Miceli, a caution about coyotes, a grant to build sidewalks in Weston, the super-successful Kiwanis Dog Jamboree, how P&Z is kicking off the town's long-range plan, and the Sportsperson of the Year.

We explored Valley Forge and told you about the non-threat of bobcats. We tried to stay out of the way as police, fire, and EMS trained, visited Weston, Nebraska (sort of), and released our Weston Sports smartphone app.

And if you're new here, bells were restored at Norfield Church, voters approved a Lachat lease, the Board of Finance approved SRO funding, and EMS won donation commitments for a firehouse expansion.

Thanks for reading Weston Today.

Art at the Center

If Weston is Connecticut’s best-kept secret, the town’s Senior Center may be Weston’s best-kept secret.

That may be changing, in large part because of art.

The Center operates in what used to be classroom space at Hurlbutt Elementary School’s South House. Inside is a generous amount of space and a fresh, comfortable, friendly environment.

And there’s a lot going on. Continue reading to find out what, and also know where things stand for the Center's future.

Latest Sports Results

Weston's Girls Swim team won their sixth straight Class S state championship tonight in a dominant performance. The divers vie for the title on Friday.

Weston's Girls Volleyball defeated Jonathan Law 3-1 this evening and advance to the State final on Saturday in East Haven against Seymour.

The GSOCC season ended on Monday in the State semifinals round. The game was decided on tiebreaking penalties. Final score 1-2 (PK 3-1).

Scores and mores in Weston Today Sports.

Weston Historical Society Receives Major Grants

by Kathy Failla

The Weston Historical Society recently received two major grants totaling $600,000 from the Daniel E. Offutt Charitable Trust. The grants will enable the Historical Society to launch a major restoration of the Coley Homestead farm house, carriage barn, and barn.

Continue reading for the full story of this exciting development.

Be Bear Aware at Trout Brook

A growing number of black bears have been spotted at Trout Brook, prompting the Aspetuck Land Trust (ALT) to post signs around the preserve advising you what to do if you encounter one.

So far, there have been no incidents, but ALT’s executive director, David Brant, advises caution.

Continue reading for more information.

State Legislature Candidates Respond to Your Questions

A few weeks ago, we asked our email subscribers to tell us what they would like to know from the candidates running for Weston’s districts in the State Senate and State House of Representatives. They did, and so we asked the candidates. All but one.

Continue reading to find out what we asked and links to each candidate's responses.

Connecticut's Fiscal Crisis: Big, Getting Bigger

The state of Connecticut is in fiscal crisis, and the core of the problem is a decades-long unwillingness to fund pension and retirement health care costs for state employees and municipal teachers.

The result is an enormous, swelling budget deficit that is likely to persist, and a shrinking set of options to deal with it.

The impact on Weston could be significant. Continue reading for our synopsis.


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Power Lines, Eversource, and Woodpeckers

Thank goodness for the Board of Selectmen. They understand what “power to the people” means. And not just as a political statement.

At last week’s meeting of the Board a group of Eversource representatives described a preliminary plan for powerline-related activity that could affect those living in the northwest part of Weston. They will be applying to the Connecticut Siting Council for permission to change poles and control vegetation in their right of way. If history is any indication, however, the need for Council approval isn’t particularly comforting.

Continue reading About Town.